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Behind Closed Doors is a brand new London based soap opera set in the fictional borough of Westbridge. Behind Closed Doors aims to be a gritty yet captivating project with characters readers will grow to love and live through the trials and tribulations within their lives. BCD (Behind Closed Doors) is a brand new project from Hannah Productions , creator/producer of award winning projects including London based drama series City Girls , island based soap opera High Hopes and murder mystery drama Cross My Heart, Hope To Die.

"I've been toying with ideas for quite a while now and a new soap project has been the one that has stuck in my mind for all this time" explains Hannah "I have spent weeks planning each character and handpicking cast members and I am now ready to reveal to the world. It will be a challenge to keep two soap projects running alongside each other, but I wanted to tackle something a little different. I live in London and it seemed an appropriate choice for a setting. I've thought carefully about each of these characters and I am really excited to delve deep into their lives."

BCD launched on Friday 4th April 2014 as part of the forum's MegaMash event, the event saw BCD launch a three episode test run which concluded on Friday 18th April 2014. It has been confirmed that BCD has been commissioned for a full season, Season One continued on Friday 2nd May 2014. Due to personal reasons, BCD went on hiatus in June 2014, but is set to return this Autumn.

As of Sunday 5th October 2014, there has been 12 episodes.

Unfortunately on Saturday 1st November 2014, Hannah announced that BCD will be shelved due to work commitments.

Season OneEdit

Wedding Weekend2
Behind Closed Doors began as a three episode trial run during the Writer's Express MegaMash event. It was quickly confirmed that BCD had been granted a full season and the series contined on Friday 2nd May 2014.

BCD's first big weekend was promoted as #WeddingWeekend. The special double saw nurse Jen Riley make the decision whether to go through with her wedding to Henry Richardson after her affair with Henry's best man Samuel Drake.

Behind Closed Doors' CastEdit

Present Cast

Character Actor Duration Episode
Nicky Henson 2014 - 1x02 -
Fiona Mollison 2014 -  1x01 -
Jill Halfpenny 2014 - 1x01 -
Jimmy Akingbola 2014 - 1x01 -
Aaron Fontaine 2014 - 1x01 -
Shahnequa Duprey 2014 - 1x01 -
Amy Robbins 2014 - 1x01 -
Sophie Austin 2014 - 1x01 -
Jessica Brown Findlay 2014 - 1x01 -
Kelsey Beth Crossley 2014 - 1x01 -
Charlie Behan 2014 - 1x01 -
Jesse Birdsall 2014 - 1x03 -
Michelle Collins 2014 - 1x02 -
Matthew Goode 2014 - 1x01 -
Leon Ockenden 2014 - 1x01 -
Sarah Jayne Dunn 2014 - 1x01 -
Neil McDermott 2014 - 1x02 -
Louisa Lytton 2014 - 1x01 -
Ken Farrington 2014 - 1x03 -
Danny Midwinter 2014 - 1x01 -
Alex Walkinshaw 2014 - 1x01 -
Natalie J Robb 2014 - 1x01 -
Jacqueline Jossa 2014 - 1x01 -
William Rush  2014 - 1x02 -
Richard Mylan 2014 - 1x01 -
Darragh Mortell 2014 - 1x01 -
Hetti Bywater 2014 - 1x01 -
Sacha Parkinson 2014 -  1x10 -
Matt Di Angelo 2014 -  1x11 -

Guest Cast

Character Actor Duration Episode
Lizzie Roper 2014 1x05

Cast Changes

Character Actor Arrival/Return Departure

The Behind Closed Doors' Character Appearance CountEdit

As of: Sunday 5th Otober 2014 | Number of Episodes to date: 12

Episodes Character
11 Episodes Liz Keating, Nadine Keating, Gemma Westbourne, Henry Richardson, Jen Richardson
10 Episodes Tess Drake, Carrie Westbourne, Nick Drake
9 Episodes Robyn Drake, Lucas Keating, Tom Richardson, Will Keating, Maggie Turner, Rachel Westbourne, Katie Richardson, Karen Richardson
8 Episodes Michael Drake, Abbie Westbourne, Andrew Richardson, Millie Powell
7 Episodes Samuel Drake, Pete Turner, Robert Lyons, Adam Kent
6 Episodes
5 Episodes Ben Richardson, Simon Richardson, Stanley Drake
4 Episodes
3 Episodes
2 Episodes Scarlett Benson
1 Episode Carmel Riley (Guest), Josh Beresford
Yet to Appear