The official title card for Season One

Beyond Borders - commonly abbreviated and referred to as BB - is an upcoming Writers Express serial drama, created by Walfman (Walfman Entertainment), who also writes and executive produces the soap. 

The soap is set in the fictional London suburb of Knightswood, and focuses on the domestic and professional lives of the residents.

It was originally created in March 2013 as a secondary soap to Walfman's popular soap at the time, Diamond Days, but was shelved at the last moment. The soap opera was then revived back in June 2014 by Walfman, who spent two months planning and preparing the storylines, but in early September 2014, Walfman announced the show was to be rebooted from scratch, after he grew unhappy with the show's direction.

It was revealed that the new version, due to launch mid to late October 2014, will see new businesses and characters introduced and a substantial number of characters and businesses in the former version being scrapped. The show would relocate its residential setting from Bishop Court to Knights Street, which is in the fictional suburb of Knightswood. 

On September 14th 2014, it was confirmed that Beyond Borders would air from Monday 20th October 2014 with a special five night week. However, after several delays, it was confirmed the show would relaunch in early November - with a provisional date of Wednesday, November 5th 2014.

On Saturday, November 1st 2014, Walfman confirmed that he had decided to axe the soap to focus on some upcoming projects to launch as part of the second MegaMash.

Starting CastEdit

Status Character Actor Duration From Episode
Regular Kieran Anderson Kit Harington 2014 - TBD
Regular Ryan Anderson Sebastian Stan 2014 - TBD
Regular Michaela Atkins Kirsty-Leigh Porter 2014 - TBD
Recurring Nicole Atkins Daisy Wood Davis 2014 - TBD
Regular Kieran Bennett Michael Parr 2014 - TBD
Regular Erica Carter Sarah Jayne Dunn 2014 - TBD
Regular Hannah Carter Holly Kenny 2014 - TBD
Regular Tony Carter Graham Cole 2014 - TBD
Recurring Anita Davenport Madeleine Howard 2014 - TBD
Regular Craig Davenport Charlie Wernham 2014 - TBD
Regular Lauren Davenport Kelsey-Beth Crossley 2014 - TBD
Regular Michael Davenport David Tennant 2014 - TBD
Regular Rebecca Davenport Madeline Duggan  2014 - TBD
Regular Jason Desai Avan Jogia 2014 - TBD
Regular Ayesha Devani Zahra Ahmadi 2014 - TBD
Recurring Matthew Edwards Chris Ramsey 2014 - TBD
Regular Amanda Hall Catherine Russell 2014 - TBD
Regular Sasha Hall Amanda Mealing 2014 - TBD
Regular Luke Joseph Lucien Laviscount 2014 - TBD
Regular Jun Katona Will Sharpe 2014 - TBD
Regular Natasha Martin Danielle Harold 2014 - TBD
Recurring Alex Moore Luke Pasqualino 2014 - TBD
Regular Patrick Neilson Eugene Simon 2014 - TBD
Regular Siobhan Ormerod Charley Webb 2014 - TBD
Recurring Alan O'Rourke Charles Dance 2014 - TBD
Regular Dawn O'Rourke Eva Pope 2014 - TBD
Regular Sky O'Rourke Megan Prescott 2014 - TBD
Regular Adrian Tanner Lewis Rainer 2014 - TBD
Regular Billy Tanner Liam Cunningham 2014 - TBD
Regular Samantha Tanner Abby Mavers 2014 - TBD
Regular Amanda West Samantha Bond 2014 - TBD
Regular Ellie West Hetti Bywater 2014 - TBD
Recurring Barbara 'Babs' Williams Barbara Young 2014 - TBD
Regular Damien Woodgate Dougie Poynter 2014 - TBD