Edge Of Tomorrow - Title Card

Edge Of Tomorrow is a serial drama published on Lit since 12 September 2018. The serial is set on the fictional Isle of Rowley, a small Island on the south coast. Creator, producer and writer Ben described the show as 'close-knit, character-driven and bold' in the first press release published on Lit on 22 August 2018.

Premise Edit

Edge Of Tomorrow follows a tight-knit community of people living on the fictional island of Rowley in the English Channel. In terms of the tone of the project, EOT aims to strike the balance between warmth and community with grit and edge.

Title Card Edit

The title card pictured on the right is the main title card used in the serial. Speaking about the design Ben said

Edge Of Tomorrow - Title Card

"I wanted the title card to be very much rooted in the setting of the show - the Island - and that's why I selected a beach as the main background image; I think the colour scheme I have chosen for the project fits in nicely with the warm colours generated by the sunset in the image. I used a bolder font on the word 'Edge' to hint at the grittier side to the project. It took a while to get the title card 'right' but I am now happy with it" he explained.

Promo Edit

A short promo was released on 5 September 2018. Paula Girvan (MyAnna Buring), Shane Grant (Chris Mason), Terry Lowe (Chris Gascoyne), Harriet Black (Caroline Ford), and Kristine Henderson (Sheridan Smith) are among the characters to appear in the promo which gives further hints as to what these characters  will be getting up to the in soap following publication of the Characters thread last week. 

Edge Of Tomorrow - Promo

Edge Of Tomorrow - Promo

Theme Music Edit

An instrumental version of 'Give Your Heart A Break' by Demi Lovato is used in the closing credits. Speaking about the decision to use this track Ben said "I love Demi's music and GYHAB is one of my top pop songs of all time. I think the gentle melody and the punchy beats juxtapose each other well and really capture what Edge Of Tomorrow is all about - a beautiful coastal setting contrasting with some 'edgy', 'bold' and 'gritty' stories. Plus, the track is the second single from Demi's Unbroken Album and Unbroken Pictures produces Edge Of Tomorrow, so it's perfect!

Episode Format Edit

Each episode beings with a recap of the previous episode. The first scene(s) of every episode is invariably a montage accompanied by extra-diegetic music - that is music which is not part of the action: the audience can hear it, but it does not exist in the world of the characters. A 'next time' preview is also feature of the end of every episode, teasing what's to come next.

Settings Edit

There are currently five main settings and two less frequently seen settings in the serial as well as settings which are mentioned but not seen.

Main Settings Edit

  • Horse & Groom Pub: Owned by Ian & Fern Sweeting. Marie Donovan and Becca Latham are barmaids.
  • Espresso Coffee Shop: Shane Grant and Brooke Byram work here.
  • Essentials Convenience Store: Alex Latham, Jocelyn Henderson and Cherry Henderson work here.
  • The Nightingale Restaurant: Coleen and Terry Lowe own the restaurant. Jeff Pearce is a chef. Olly Lowe and Tristan Weeks are waiters.
  • Marlyn Road Secondary: Harriet Black is an English teacher, Kristine Henderson is an LSA, Jocelyn Henderson is canteen and cleaning staff. Harvey Girvan-Frost, Evan Lowe, Lauren Kelley, Megan Byram, Alex Latham and Oakley Henderson are pupils.

Less Frequently Seen Edit

  • Beckett Moore Primary - Daniel Frost is a teacher. Tessa Lowe, Josh Black and Autumn Henderson are pupils.
  • Hart Street Surgery Clare Byram is a GP. Monique Weeks is a receptionist.

Mentioned Edit

  • Almoor Academy - The only other secondary school on the Isle Of Rowley. Harvey Girvan-Frost previously attended here.

Current Cast Edit

Classification Character Actor Duration
Series Regular Fern Sweeting Linda Robson 2018-
Series Regular Ian Sweeting Neil Morrissey 2018-
Series Regular Marie Donovan Joanne Froggatt 2018-
Series Regular DC Paula Girvan MyAnna Buring 2018-
Series Regular Daniel Frost Tom Riley 2018-
Recurring Harvey Girvan-Frost Alexander Aze 2018-
Series Regular Gina Frost Paula Wilcox 2018-
Series Regular Coleen Lowe Nicola Walker 2018-
Series Regular Terry Lowe Chris Gascoyne 2018-
Series Regular Olly Lowe Jake Roche 2018-
Series Regular Evan Lowe Joe-Warren Plant 2018-
Recurring Tessa Lowe Ela-May Demircan 2018-
Series Regular Evelyn Kelley Caroline Quentin 2018-
Series Regular Lauren Kelley Maisie Williams 2018-
Series Regular Jeff Pearce Jamie Bamber 2018-
Series Regular Harriet Black Caroline Ford 2018-
Series Regular Josh Black Bleu Landau 2018-
Series Regular Lynn Latham Debra Stephenson 2018-
Series Regular Vernon Latham Kenny Doughty 2018-
Series Regular Becca Latham Jess Impiazzi 2018-
Series Regular Alex Latham Will Barnett 2018-
Series Regular Shane Grant Chris Mason 2018-
Series Regular Jocelyn Henderson Amanda Redman 2018-
Series Regular Kristine Henderson Sheridan Smith 2018-
Series Regular Cam Henderson Ceallach Spellman 2018-
Series Regular Oakley Henderson Theo Stevenson 2018-
Series Regular Cherry Henderson Kimberley Nixon 2018-
Recurring Autumn Henderson Amelia Flanagan 2018-
Recurring Ellen Jones Pauline Quirke 2018-
Series Regular Angela Weeks Karen Bryson 2018-
Series Regular Tristan Weeks Dean Fagan 2018-
Series Regular Monique Weeks Nathalie Emmanuel 2018-
Series Regular Clare Byram Sarah Parish 2018-
Series Regular Brooke Byram Lucy Carless 2018-
Series Regular Megan Bryam Ellie Leach 2018-
Recurring Brandon Carpenter TBC 2018-
Recurring Luke Backland TBC 2018-
Recurring Kaiden Murphy TBC 2018-
Recurring Freya Porter TBC 2018-

Edge Of Tomorrow Character Appearance Count Edit

As Of Wednesday 12 September 2018 there has been 1 episode.

Number Of Episodes Character
1 Daniel Frost, Paula Girvan, Gina Frost, Kristine Henderson, Autumn Henderson, Cherry Henderson, Angela Weeks, Harriet Black, Josh Black, Harvey Girvan-Frost, Brandon Carpenter (Recurring), Terry Lowe, Vernon Latham, Oakley Henderson
Yet To Appear


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