WXF Forum Branding (2019.1) - Forum Soap 2020
Forum Soap is the as-yet-untitled forum serial drama, slated to begin in 2020 on the Writers Express forum. It is distinct from other projects in that it is intended to involve, if not the whole forum, as many members as possible. Once it is titled, this article will be renamed 'Title (WXF Soap)'.

This concept in fact formed the very foundation of the intial purpose of the forum, when it was originally known as Belleview. However, as the forum diverged into smaller and often individual creative writing projects, the concept of a 'forum soap' ultimately fizzled out. It was tried again a few years later, but with even less success.


In an opening thread to promote the idea published on 1st January 2019, guidance for the concept was explained to those who may be interested. These guidelines include:

  • Involved members must compromise with ideas and learn to give and take
  • The project must have something about it that is unique to the forum
  • It must be something that is straighforward enough that anyone could get involved with it
  • There are no right or wrong ideas, as the growth of the project will be organic

Start DateEdit

It is hoped the project will be ready to publish by 1st January 2020. Although it has been emphasised this is not a fixed date - and that it wll be 'ready when it's ready' - the project is to start at some point in 2020, whenever that may be.