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is the fourteenth Lit Forum Awards ceremony, and the one and only of 2018. This is the second time a ceremony has been held only once in a year, and the first to be branded the LITFAs (previously known as the WRIXAS: Writers Express Awards).

The results will be revealed on 26th May 2018 (just under eight months after WRIXAS 13), although the process began in April 2018. It is only the second time the event has ever been held in May, with WRIXAS 5 in 2013 being the previous occasion, although the event is now intended to be held every May from this point on. The event again includes established projects like the serial dramas Behind Closed Doors and These Days, as well as two new drama projects: Aftermath: The Crash, a standalone drama by Noxy about the consequences of a car crash involving six young adults; and Saying It Out Loud, a seven-part, semi-autobiographical drama series by Hannah about the impending death of a beloved but flawed father, and its impact on his family, particularly his daughter. The Avenue will no longer appear following the announcement by its producers, Noxy and Ross, in December 2017 that the project had drawn to a close. The final episode aired on 19th December 2016, the project's 5th anniversary.

As with the previous ceremony, any member of the forum is permitted to vote at the LITFAs, irregardless of feedback or project activity, with voting taking place via private messaging. However, Hannah and Noxy are ineligible to vote for the first time, as only they have projects in competition with each other. In addition, two new sub-categories have been added in the Crossover category - Best Young Male and Best Young Female - which is applicable to any character aged 19 or younger.

Following its success at WRIXAS 13, Hannah's 'Red Carpet' thread was adapted into an official LITFAs thread called 'Green Room', as of LITFAs 14. Green Room will appear between Shortlist and L!ve Thread.


Below is a table featuring both nominated and winning projects and their respective categories. All winners are highlighted in bold in the Longlist column if that/those option/s won outright, or in the Shortlist column if they didn't. Best Project can only be voted for at the Shortlist stage. KEY: ATC = Aftermath: The Crash | BCD = Behind Closed Doors | RWR = Ridgewater | SOL = Saying It Out Loud | TDS = These Days

Award Longlist Shortlist


Best Drama Male
  • ATC: Jack Green
  • SOL: Brian Rayner
  • SOL: Jake Rayner
  • SOL: Tom Holder
  • ATC: Jack Green
  • SOL: Brian Rayner - WINNER
  • SOL: Jake Rayner
Best Drama Female
  • ATC: Emily Nugent
  • SOL: Angela Vine
  • SOL: Diane Rayner
  • SOL: Nicole Rayner - WINNER
  • N/A
Best Drama Scene
  • ATC: Emily Bottles Revealing Adam's True Nature and Walks Out of His Funeral
  • SOL: Brian's Death
  • SOL: Nicole's Final Moments with Father Brian
  • SOL: The Rayners bury Brian's Ashes
  • ATC: Emily Bottles Revealing Adam's True Nature and Walks Out of His Funeral
  • SOL: Nicole's Final Moments with Father Brian - WINNER
Best Drama Plot
  • ATC: Adam's Secret Rape of Emily Explored
  • SOL: Brian Rayner's Death - WINNER
  • N/A
Best Drama Episode
  • SOL: Part I
  • SOL: Part V
  • SOL: Part VII - WINNER
  • N/A
Best Drama
  • ATC (Noxy)
  • SOL (Hannah) - WINNER
  • N/A
Best Soap Male
  • BCD: Alex Desai
  • BCD: Henry Richardson
  • BCD: Lucas Keating
  • RWR: Harvey Neal
  • RWR: Joseph Armstrong
  • RWR: Ross Taylor
  • TDS: Glen Wright
  • TDS: Mark Johnson
  • TDS: Stephen Chapman
  • BCD: Henry Richardson - WINNER
  • TDS: Mark Johnson
Best Soap Female
  • BCD: Claire Collins
  • BCD: Jen Richardson
  • BCD: Millie Powell
  • RWR: Anita Woods
  • RWR: Gabrielle Mitchell
  • RWR: Kat Armstrong
  • TDS: Anita Johnson
  • TDS: Lindsay Adams
  • TDS: Maxine Donnelly
  • BCD: Jen Richardson
  • BCD: Millie Powell - WINNER
Best Soap Scene
  • BCD: Jen Realises Millie Is Her Daughter
  • BCD: Matthew Confronts Karen Over Henry's Paternity
  • BCD: Michael's Death
  • RWR: The Armstrong Family Meal Ends in an Argument
  • RWR: First Ever Scene
  • RWR: Kat and Harvey's Past Revealed
  • TDS: Anita Reveals Her Own Ordeal to Lindsay
  • TDS: Jerome Reveals to Glen They Are Brothers
  • TDS: Phil Reveals Anita's Adopted Daughter Secret to Maxine
  • BCD: Jen Realises Millie Is Her Daughter - WINNER
  • BCD: Michael's Death
Best Soap Plot
  • BCD: Alice Buckley's Bullying Ordeal
  • BCD: Henry Richardson's Drink-Driving Accident/Michael Collins' Death
  • BCD: Millie Powell/Jen Richardson Maternity Secret
  • TDS: Dex/Jade/Lee Love Triangle
  • TDS: JJ's Borderline Personality Disorder
  • TDS: Lindsay's Rape Ordeal
  • BCD: Millie Powell/Jen Richardson Maternity Secret - WINNER
  • TDS: Lindsay's Rape Ordeal
Best Soap Episode
  • BCD: Episode 22 (Jen/Millie Scripted Two-Hander)
  • BCD: Episode 37 (Xmas Special)
  • BCD: Episode 50 (Anniversary Episode/Season 1 Cliffhanger)
  • RWR: Episode 1
  • RWR: Episode 2
  • RWR: Episode 5 (Armstrong Family Dinner/Kat and Harvey Secret Revealed)
  • TDS: Episode 60 (Noah/Maxine Showdown)
  • TDS: Episode 64 (Lindsay's Rape Ordeal & Immediate Aftermath)
  • BCD: Episode 22 (Jen/Millie Scripted Two-Hander)
  • TDS: Episode 64 (Lindsay's Rape Ordeal & Immediate Aftermath) - WINNER
Best Soap
  • BCD (Hannah) - WINNER
  • RWR (Waffles)
  • TDS (Noxy)
  • N/A
Best Cameo/Newcomer/Returnee
  • BCD: Matthew Blake (Newcomer) - WINNER
  • BCD: Saskia Benson (Newcomer)
  • BCD: Vincent Keating (Newcomer)
  • TDS: Matt Macauley (Newcomer)
  • TDSL Vanessa Wells (Cameo)
  • N/A
Best Exit
  • BCD: Nina Winters
  • BCD: Michael Collins - WINNER
  • SOL: Brian Rayner
  • TDS: Kieran Woodley
  • N/A
Best Young Male
  • ATC: Jack Green
  • BCD: Jamie Collins
  • BCD: Riley Taylor
  • RWR: Louie Neal
  • RWR: Sam Armstrong
  • SOL: Jake Rayner
  • TDS: Casper Lawson
  • BCD: Jamie Collins
  • BCD: Riley Taylor - WINNER
  • TDS: Casper Lawson
Best Young Female
  • ATC: Emily Nugent
  • BCD: Alice Buckley
  • BCD: Eden Taylor
  • BCD: Nadine Keating
  • RWR: Alya Rishi
  • RWR: Kelsey Armstrong
  • TDS: Danielle Harvey
  • TDS: Jodie 'JJ' Jacobson
  • BCD: Alice Buckley
  • TDS: Danielle Harvey
  • TDS: Jodie 'JJ' Jacobson - WINNER
Best Family/Couple
  • BCD: Collins/Taylors (Family)
  • BCD: Henry Richardson & Millie Powell (Couple)
  • BCD: Richardsons (Family)
  • RWR: Aidan Metcalfe & Nicole Walker (Couple)
  • RWR: Armstrongs (Family)
  • RWR: Neals (Family)
  • SOL: Nicole Rayner & Tom Holder (Couple)
  • SOL: Rayners (Family)
  • TDS: Donnelly/Lawsons (Family)
  • TDS: Lindsay Adams & Mark Johnson (Couple)
  • TDS: Wrights (Family)
  • BCD: Collins/Taylors (Family)
  • BCD: Richardsons (Family) - WINNER
Best New Project
  • ATC (Noxy)
  • RWR (Waffles)
  • SOL (Hannah) - WINNER
  • N/A
Best Project
  • BCD (Hannah) - WINNER
  • SOL (Hannah)
  • N/A

LITFAs League Table (as of May 2018)Edit

Project Author/s Genre

Awards (LITFAs 14 only)

Awards (TOTAL)
Alone Lem Drama N/A 3
ATUK's The Bill allthingsuk Fan:Fic N/A 2
The Avenue Noxy/Ross Soap N/A 15
Back To The Start Lem Drama N/A 5
Behind Closed Doors 1.0 Hannah Soap N/A 1
Behind Closed Doors Hannah Soap 10 16
Beneath The Surface Ross/Walfman - now Jamie Soap N/A 1
Beyond The Light 1.0 Jaay Soap N/A 8
City Girls Hannah Drama 7 47
Cold Blood AppleCobbler Drama N/A 6
Cross My Heart, Hope To Die Hannah Drama N/A 1
Crown Law allthingsuk Drama N/A 4
Danny EastEnders Danny Fan:Fic N/A 1
Diamonds In The Rough Danny | Jaay Soap N/A 3
The Forest's allthingsuk Drama N/A 4
High Hopes Hannah | Jaay Soap N/A 8
High Peak 1.0 MGambitt | Noxy Soap N/A 5
In Gear allthingsuk Drama N/A 1
Jamie EastEnders Jamie Fan:Fic N/A 1
Lem's Casualty Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Lem's Coronation Street Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Looking Forward Jess Soap N/A 2
The Me In You Noxy Drama N/A 9
Miscarriage Noxy Drama N/A 7
Ocean Lane Jark Drama N/A 3
Saints High allthingsuk Drama N/A 1
Saying It Out Loud Hannah Drama 7 7
St. George's Ross Soap N/A 2
These Days 1.0 Noxy Soap N/A 41
These Days Noxy Soap 2 28
These Days City Girls Have Many High Hopes As They Stroll Along The Avenue Under The Bright City Lights On Cold Uncertain Nights Hannah Other N/A 1
Uncertain Nights AppleCobbler | Noxy | Ross Soap N/A 19
Waffles EastEnders Waffles Fan:Fic N/A 2
The Web Liam Drama N/A 2
Words Of Comfort Lem Drama N/A 2
The You In Me Noxy Drama N/A 2

Forum Members League Table (as of May 2018)Edit

Forum Member Awards (WRIXAS 13 only) Awards (TOTAL)
allthingsuk N/A 12
AppleCobbler N/A 19
Ben 0 0
Danny N/A 4
Hannah 17 81
Jaay N/A 19
Jamie N/A 2
Jark N/A 3
Jess N/A 2
Lem N/A 24
Liam N/A 2
MGambitt N/A 5
Noxy 2 112
Ross N/A 37
Waffles N/A 2

Stats & TriviaEdit

This time there were 19 sub-categories, up two from WRIXAS 13, due to the introduction of the Best Young Male and Best Young Female awards. There were 6 in the Drama category, 6 in Soap and 7 in Crossover (up 2 due to the additon of Best Young Male and Best Young Female). There were 19 winners this time (which is the same as last time), and no shared awards (down two, and the first time since WRIXAS 6 in September 2013 that there were no tiebreak awards; every sub-category had an outright winner). At the Longlist stage, there were 102 options to choose from, up 1 from WRIXAS 13 and only the second time there's ever been an increase. Only two projects won awards at this ceremony (down one), although three made both the Longlist (down two) and two made Shortlist, making it (in terms of material) one of the quietest ceremonies to date.

The number of people who voted this time was six (same as last time): Ben, Danny, Jaay, Noxy, Ross and Waffles. Due to her dominance at the awards, Hannah was not able to vote. Of those who did vote, only three - Hannah, Noxy and Waffles - had active projects at the time of voting.

The most successful project of the night was Behind Closed Doors, which managed to beat its previous haul of 6 by scooping 10 LITFAs, sweeping the Soaps category and making almost Crossover as well. By winning 10 awards, she and BCD also broke the record for most number of awards won for any soap or indeed any project at one ceremony, which was previously 9 (for These Days, a soap, and The Me In You, a drama). BCD's awards were for:

  • Best Soap Male - Henry Richardson
  • Best Soap Female - Millie Powell
  • Best Soap Scene - Jen Realises Millie Is Her Daughter
  • Best Soap Plot - Millie Powell/Jen Richardson Maternity Secret
  • Best Soap
  • Best Newcomer - Matthew Blake
  • Best Young Male - Riley Taylor
  • Best Exit - Michael Collins
  • Best Family - The Richardsons
  • Best Project

This is the second time BCD has won both Best Soap and Best Project.

It was good news elsewhere for Hannah also, as her tragic, seven-part autobiographicl drama Saying It Out Loud also won big, scooping 7 awards for the following:

  • Best Drama Male - Brian Rayner
  • Best Drama Female - Nicole Rayner
  • Best Drama Scene - Nicole's Final Moments With Father Brian
  • Best Drama Plot - Brian Rayner's Death
  • Best Drama Episode - Episode VII (Final Episode)
  • Best Drama
  • Best New Project

This was the second time in row Hannah swept the Dramas category, and also the second time in a row a drama of hers had won 7 awards; in 2017 it was City Girls.

Elsewhere, These Days, the forum's longest-running active project, put in its weakest performance to date. Not shorlisted for Best Project for the first time, it won only two of the nine gons it was nominated for. These were strong awards however, for namely:

  • Best Soap Episode - Episode 64: Lindsay's Rape Ordeal & Immediate Aftermath (scripted)
  • Best Young Female - Jodie 'JJ' Jacobson.

JJ's success was largely off the back of her then recent Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis storyline.

Meanwhile, two other projects - Noxy standalone drama Aftermath: The Crash and Waffles rural serial Ridgewater - walked away empty-handed, though ATC made the shortlist in two sub-categories. This ceremony was the first time any Noxy drama had walked away empty-handed. In addition, Hannah won 17 of the 19 possible awards (89%); a brand-new record for the LITFAs.