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The Estate is a original drama following life on a housing estate for a group of young adults, who are rocked by the death of one of their own and whose secrets will soon be exposed. It began on 26th June 2015 on Writers Express, but then went on indefinite hiatus until returning 3rd November 2015. Trivia: The show writer and creator, Root, said that it wasn't something they had originally planned on continuing. So far there have been 8 episodes. Root recently announced that the story will wrap after 10 episodes.

Cast and charactersEdit

Character Actor Duration Episodes
Saskia Greener Saskia Greener Holly Kenny 2015- Episode 1 - 10
Mike Gunthorp Mike Gunthorp Nico Mirallegro 2015- Episode 1 - 10
Marlon Brown Marlon Brown Khali Best 2015- Episode 1 - 10
Jenny Stanmore Jenny Stanmore Katie Findlay 2015- Episode 1 - 10
Kirk Kirk Gillingham Sam Attwater 2015- Episode 1, Episodes 2 - (flashbacks)


Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x01 'Pilot' 26/6/15 Root 1
  • Set in an unknown timeline, but following the death the Kirk Gillingham.
  • Episode 1 sets a distorted scene introducing the main characters.
Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x02 'Time of death?' 3/11/15 Root 2
  • Kirk's body is discovered on the estate and the police are called.
  • Introduces the blunt John Roscoe (DI) and his partner DI Tomlin.
Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x03 '6 Months Earlier' 7/11/15 Root 3
  • Sets a parallel timeline that later episodes follow.
  • 6 Months Earlier: The group are hanging out together, having skipped

school. Jenny is 6 months pregnant.

  • Present Day: The detectives return to the estate to find Mike by the

bed side of Kirk's grandmother, Francesca.

Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x04 'You're not going to believe this' 17/11/15 Root 4
  • 4 Months Earlier: The group prepare for a night out, but Kirk and

Mike aren't anywhere to be found.

  • Present Day: Mike is questioned about his relationship with Kirk.
Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x05 'Make sense to you now?' 2/12/15 Root 5
  • 4 Months Earlier: Mike and Kirk's secret may be exposed when

Jenny walks in on them.

  • Present Day: The post-mortem reveals Kirk was shot and then stabbed

multiple times before his death.

  • Mike messages Saskia and Jenny using Kirk's phone.
Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x06 'Look' 12/1/16 Root 6
  • 48 Hours Earlier: The group are stood atop a block of flats, overlooking

a dead body...

  • Present Day: The group are brought together once more following Mike's text message.
Episode Date Writer Episode Number
1x07 'Him' 26/5/16 Root 7
  • Present Day: The detectives are closer than ever to the truth.
  • Past: Happier times before the murder happened.