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This Love
is a soap bubble derived from the long-running serial drama These Days. A five-part series of five-minute webisodes, it focusses on the complex teenage romance between bisexual, cisgender character Carrie Donnelly, and her lesbian, preoperative transgender girlfriend Frankie Wells.

The series alternates between them as they share their innermost thoughts and feeling about themselves, each other and their relationship on a webcam vlog, with the 'viewers' being the viewers themselves. Carrie does a vlog in Webisode 1 and 4, Frankie in 2 and 3 and both will appear in Webisode 5. No other characters from 'These Days' appear in webisodes 1-4. The series was unannounced and is published sporadically. As of 18 July 2017, one episode has been published.

As with These Days, the project is produced by Equanox Media and published on the creative writing forum Lit (known as Writers Express until the end of 2017). It is set in and around two fictitious Leicester suburbs: Newben and Linford.

The title card is very similar to that of the main show, but aside from the name the only difference is the background image, which depicts roses on a shiny surfaces, rather than the usual orange-brick housing. The first two episodes of This Love used the previous title card design, but this was later updated retroactively to reflect the modern look.

Creator Noxy has confirmed that the series will not be put forward for any awards.

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Theme Tune

The theme tune to 'This Love' is the same as 'These Days' - 'Distance' by Schiller ft. Kim Sanders.




Duration (by episodes)

Carrie Donnelly

Karen Gillan

1, 4, 5

Frankie Wells

Eva McGillivray

2, 3, 5