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Unbroken Pictures is a production company run by Writers Express Forum member Ben since June 2018. To date, the company have produced two projects - most recently Island-based soap 'Edge Of Tomorrow' in September 2018, which published one just one episode, but also acclaimed comedy-drama 'Sandy Cove Resort' which published three outings from June to August 2018, earning itself a wave of positive feedback and praise.

Projects Edit

2019 Edit

Untitled Soap Opera Project - Ben first teased that he was working on a new soap opera project in February 2019, however he did not give away the title of the project or reveal any further details.

2018 Edit

Edge Of Tomorrow - A soap-opera set on the fictional Isle Of Rowley, just of the coast of West Sussex in the English Channel. The project's first episode only received feedback from three forum members as it was posted at a time when WX was going through a quiet spell, however the feedback it did receive was mixed; praise was given to the character of Harvey's arc during the episode and the 'foreshadowing with the arrival of Brandon'. Furthermore, the content was described as 'good' whilst another praised the refreshing family dynamics and character groups and asserted that this was 'a very strong project'. However, the non-verbal writing was described as sometimes being 'colloquial' and 'too chatty' while pacing was also raised as an issue, with more than one feedbacker raising this.

Due to Ben's other commitments, the project published no further episodes. It was confirmed unofficially by Ben in early 2019 that the project had been dropped.

Sandy Cove Resort 1.0 - A drama series with both light and shade; it is the debut project from the company focusing on the staff and guests at the fictional Sandy Cove holiday resort on the south coast. The project launched on 22 June 2018, and ran until 15 August 2018, producing a total of three episodes, the first being the only '30 minute episode' episode - the episodes that followed were '60 minutes' and publication was split into two parts on the forum.

When first announced, readers said that the project sounded 'fun' and 'unique' based on the initial 'Features' article introducing the project, and furthermore when the trailer dropped on the first meteorological day of Summer - 1st June 2018, featuring the hit song 'Cool For The Summer' by Demi Lovato it - the trailer - was described as 'excellently put together'.

Feedback for the first episode was positive across the board; being described as 'fresh' and 'unique', with the David/Saskia affair story labelled as 'intriguing'. Praise was also given to the comedy element of the show with one feedbacker saying how 'it's so nice to have a sunny comedy-drama for the summer!' While another expressed how much they liked the different elements to the resort, such as the singers, restaurant staff and managers. In part two of the first episode, Trevor was described as 'an enigma wrapped in a mystery' with the feedbacker expressing that they were 'eager' to find out what happens in the next episodes, and in the final episode posted the same feedbacker once again said how interesting a character Trevor had been, and how much they had enjoyed his story.

Further episodes were expected in the Autumn, however this did not happen. As of February 2019, the project has still not been officially cancelled.

Twitter Edit

As well as keeping up to date with all the latest project news from the company on his page, you can also follow us, Unbroken Pictures, on twitter @WXFunbrokenpic

Awards Edit

Having only launched in June 2018 with its first project Sandy Cove Resort a month after the latest Writers Express Awards Ceremony - The LIFTAS14 in May 2018 - Unbroken Pictures haven't been 'around' for an awards ceremony yet. Their first ceremony will be the WRIXAS15 in August 2019. Out of the two projects UBP have produced so far, only Sandy Cove Resort will be eligible as Island-based soap Edge Of Tomorrow was discontinued after just one episode back in September 2018.

Unbroken Pictures may not have any awards or nominations to its name as yet but the company's owner Ben secured two shortlist nominations at the WRIXFAS 13 in September 2017 under his former production company, the now defunct 'Ben_J Productions' with the project 'Ben's Emmerdale'. The project was a fan-fic of the popular Yorkshire soap, Emmerdale and ran for ten installments. Carly Hope (Gemma Atkinson) was shortlisted in the 'Best Soap Female' category, while Louise Appleton (Emily Symons) also made the shortlist in the 'Cameo/Newcomer/Returnee' category.