WRIXAS 1 (AKA WRIXAS 1: Winter 2012) was the first ever Writers Express Awards ceremony. The results were revealed on 5th January 2012, although the process had begun in December 2011.

The Writers Express Awards were first suggested as an idea in December 2011 by an original but now inactive forum member, AM32. AM32 took charge of the first ceremony, but since WRIXAS 2, forum owner Noxy has assembled, organised and posted both the ceremonies and subsequent tweets on Twitter, with peers AppleCobbler and Ross assisting in this process for stints in 2013. In 2012 and 2013, the event was held tri-annually, but since 2014 it is held bi-annually, intended to be each February and August.


Below is a table featuring both nominated and winning projects and their respective categories. All winners are highlighted in bold:

Award Nominations
Best Fan Fiction
  • allthingsuk Casualty 1.0
  • allthingsuk Casualty 2.0
  • allthingsuk EastEnders
  • AM32's EastEnders
  • AppleCobbler's Coronation Street
  • EastieEnders EastEnders
  • Jess Coronation Street
  • Jess Emmerdale
  • Jess Hollyoaks
  • Lem's Casualty (WINNER)
  • Ross Coronation Street
  • Ross Emmerdale
  • Ross Holby City
  • Ross Hollyoaks
Best Male Character
  • Neil (The Forest's)
  • Will (The Forest's)
  • Bastian (In Gear)
  • Les (In Gear)
  • Adam Cohen (Ocean Lane)
  • Danny Martindale (Ocean Lane) (WINNER)
  • Ryan Hyde (St. George’s)
  • Tom Rill (St. George’s)
  • Glen Wright (These Days 1.0)
  • Steven Cowell (These Days 1.0)
  • Oscar Clark (Uncertain Nights)
  • Ewan Richardson (Uncertain Nights)
Best Female Character
  • Lisa (The Forest's)
  • Sandra (The Forest's)
  • Bella (In Gear)
  • Schneider’s Mum (In Gear)
  • Jasmine Allen (Ocean Lane)
  • Winona Penryn (Ocean Lane)
  • Maria Hyde (St. George’s)
  • Sophie Green (St. George’s) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Lisa Hopkins (These Days 1.0) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Rachel Hornby (These Days)
  • Leah Richardson (Uncertain Nights)
  • Natalie Renshaw (Uncertain Nights)
Best Friendship
  • Lisa and Sam (The Forest's)
  • Neil, Baz and Will (The Forest's)
  • Bastian and Norbert (In Gear)
  • Les and Tim (In Gear)
  • Alice Black and Danny Martindale (Ocean Lane)
  • Mara Cohen and Teri Black (Ocean Lane)
  • Ryan, Maria, Beth and Carey (St. Georges) - WINNER
  • Tom Rill and Amy Morgan (St. Georges)
  • Carrie and Kelly (These Days 1.0)
  • Lisa and Lee (These Days 1.0)
  • Oscar and Kimberly (Uncertain Nights)
  • Percy and Titus (Uncertain Nights)
Best Relationship
  • Drew Pine and Josie Field (Ocean Lane)
  • Winona Penryn and Scott Martindale (Ocean Lane)
  • Delia and Jonathan Hyde (St. Georges)
  • Sophie Green and Gavin Hyde (St. Georges)
  • Lisa and Glen (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Ricki and Steven (These Days)
  • Patrick and Gordon (Uncertain Nights)
  • Percy and Natalie (Uncertain Nights)
Best Villain
  • Gareth (The Forest's)
  • Jonathan (The Forest's)
  • Bastian (In Gear) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Ed Mylan (In Gear)
  • Gabriella Grace (Ocean Lane)
  • Jasmine Allen (Ocean Lane)
  • Jonathan Hyde (St. Georges)
  • Kaine Morgan (St. Georges)
  • Anita Johnson (These Days 1.0)
  • Sasha Sheridan (These Days 1.0)
  • Percy Renshaw (Uncertain Nights) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Raymond Evans (Uncertain Nights)
Best Exit
  • Markos' Death (In Gear)
  • Libby Cohen (Ocean Lane)
  • Jo Thomas (formerly Louisa Martin) (St. Georges)
  • Keeley Thompson (These Days 1.0)
  • Sarah Reuban (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
Best Scripted Scene
  • Episode 4, Scene 8 (The Forest's)
  • Episode 4, Scene 22 (The Forest's)
  • Episode 6, Scene 6 (Ocean Lane) - WINNER
Biggest Shock
  • The Bomb Attacks (The Forest's) - WINNER/DRAW
  • The Hostage Situation (The Forest's)
  • Alex's Superlicense Revoked After Pile Up (In Gear)
  • Carlos Admitting He Caused Andy Coulam's Death (In Gear)
  • Danny Beaten Up (Ocean Lane)
  • Libby & Danny Affair (Ocean Lane)
  • Jonathan and Eileen's Affair (St. Georges)
  • The Sports Hall Explosion (St. Georges)
  • Anita's Pregnancy (These Days 1.0)
  • Keeley's Death (These Days 1.0)
  • Sanchia's Disappearance (Uncertain Nights) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Taxi Crash (Uncertain Nights)
Best Scripted Episode
  • Judas From The Flames: Part 1 (The Forest's)
  • The Morning After (The Forest's)
  • Jasmine And Libby Come To Blows (Ocean Lane) - WINNER
  • Danny’s Terrible Night (Ocean Lane)
Best non-Scripted Episode
  • Past, Present, Future (In Gear)
  • Friday 2nd December (St. Georges)
  • Christmas Day (St Georges)
  • Episode 27 (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Episode 39 (These Days 1.0)
  • Episode 23 (Uncertain Nights)
  • Episode 26 (Uncertain Nights)
Moment Of The Year
  • Bomb Attacks (The Forest's)
  • Hostage Situation (The Forest's)
  • Markos' Death (In Gear)
  • The Team Orders Scandal (In Gear)
  • Danny's Meltdown (Ocean Lane)
  • Libby Attacks Jasmine (Ocean Lane)
  • Kevin and Jonathan's Argument (St. Georges)
  • School Explosion (St. Georges)
  • Sarah's Death (These Days 1.0)
  • Spider's Barn Crash (These Days 1.0)
  • Percy Steals From Oscar (Uncertain Nights)
  • Raymond Strangles Sanchia (Uncertain Nights) - WINNER
Best Storyline
  • Gareth and Jonathan's Rivalry (The Forest's)
  • Will's Post Traumatic Stress (The Forest's) - WINNER
  • The Liegate Scandal (In Gear)
  • The Whistleblower Storyline (In Gear)
  • Jack's Disappearance (Ocean Lane)
  • Jasmine and Libby's feud (Ocean Lane)
  • Nick's Cheating Scandal (St. Georges)
  • Ryan's Brain Tumour (St. Georges)
  • Anita/Glen/Lisa love triangle (These Days 1.0)
  • Rachel's Revenge Over Sarah's Death (These Days 1.0)
  • Raymond & Simone's Marriage Problems (Uncertain Nights)
  • Taxi Crash Aftermath (Uncertain Nights)
Best non-Scripted Soap
  • In Gear (allthingsuk)
  • St George’s (Ross)
  • These Days 1.0 (Noxy) - WINNER
  • Uncertain Nights (AppleCobbler/Ross)
Best Scripted Soap
  • The Forest's (allthingsuk) - WINNER
  • Ocean Lane (Jark)

WRIXAS League Table (as of January 2012)

Project Author/s Genre

Awards (WRIXAS 1 only)

Awards (TOTAL)
The Forest's allthingsuk Drama 3 3
In Gear allthingsuk Drama 1 1
Lem's Casualty Lem Fan:Fic 1 1
Ocean Lane Jark Drama 3 3
St. George's Ross Soap 2 2
These Days 1.0 Noxy Soap 5 5
Uncertain Nights AppleCobbler | Ross Soap 3 3

Forum Members League Table (as of January 2012)

Forum Member Awards (WRIXAS 1 only) Awards (TOTAL)
allthingsuk 4 4
AppleCobbler 3 3
Jark 3 3
Lem 1 1
Noxy 5 5
Ross 5 5

Stats & Trivia

At WRIXAS 1, there were 15 sub-categories within 3 categories: Drama, Fan:Fic and Soap. There were 18 winners because 3 sub-categories had shared winners. There were 131 options to vote for. WRIXAS 1 was the only event not to use a formal Longlist/Shortlist system, as there were few rules. At this stage, the WRIXAS had no visual promotion.

Soap ''These Days 1.0'' was the most successful project at WRIXAS 1, picking up five awards:

  • Best Female Character (Lisa Hopkins)
  • Best Relationship (Glisa AKA Glen Wright & Lisa Hopkins)
  • Best Exit (Sarah Reuban)
  • Best non-Scripted Episode (Episode 27)
  • Best non-Scripted Soap

Meanwhile, dramas The Forest's and Ocean Lane and soap Uncertain Nights, all collected three trophies each:

  • The Forest's - Biggest Shock (The Bomb Attacks); Best Storyline (Will's Post-Traumatic Stress); and Best Scripted Soap
  • Ocean Lane - Best Male Character (Danny Martindale); Best Scripted Scene (Episode 6, Scene 6); and Best Scripted Episode (Jasmine And Libby Come To Blows)
  • Uncertain Nights - Best Villain (Percy Renshaw); Biggest Shock (Sanchia's Disappearance); and Moment Of The Year (Raymond Strangles Sanchia)

High school soap St. George's picked up two gongs:

  • Best Female Character (Sophie Green)
  • Best Friendship (Ryan, Maria, Beth & Carey)

Elsewhere, motor racing drama In Gear scored a WRIXA for Best Villain (Bastian), whilst Lem's Casualty was declared Best Fan Fiction.

The following projects - all Fan Fiction - did not win any awards at this ceremony:

  • allthingsuk Casualty 1.0
  • allthingsuk Casualty 2.0
  • allthingsuk EastEnders
  • AM32's EastEnders
  • AppleCobbler's Coronation Street
  • EastieEnders EastEnders
  • Jess Coronation Street
  • Jess Emmerdale
  • Jess Hollyoaks
  • Ross Coronation Street
  • Ross Emmerdale
  • Ross Holby City
  • Ross Hollyoaks