WRIXAS 3 (AKA The Summer 2012 WRIXAS) was the third Writers Express Awards ceremony, and was the final one of 2012. The results were revealed on 2nd August 2012 - the forum's first anniversary - although the process had begun in July 2012. The ceremony was held four months after WRIXAS 2, and was the first to have an actual live ceremony. The event again included established projects such as Crown Law, Saints High, These Days 1.0 and Uncertain Nights, as well as new projects Alone, Back To The Start, Letters, Lovers, Pimlico and Willow Lake. As there was an outright winner in this sub-category, all six new projects made it to the final.

The Avenue was not included, whilst High Peak 1.0 was cancelled, despite great success at WRIXAS 2. This was also the first WRIXAS to filter out some projects based on eligibility criteria. Abandoned projects or projects which failed to publish the required minimum number of episodes by a deadline, were excluded.


Below is a table featuring both nominated and winning projects and their respective categories. All winners are highlighted in bold:

Award Longlist Shortlist
Best Exit
  • Winnie & Kathy (Alone) - WINNER
  • Jonathan Gardner (Crown Law)
  • Sherri Jeffries (Letters)
  • Frank Nye (Pimlico)
  • Hari (Saints High)
  • Phil Davis (Saints High)
  • Ricki, Neil & Kelly (These Days 1.0)
  • Alan Powell (Uncertain Nights)
  • Titus Evans (Uncertain Nights)
Best Newcomer
  • Kerry Rainer (Saints High)
  • Tony Langley (Saints High)
  • Hannah Cartwright (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Ethan Clark (Uncertain Nights)
  • Olivia Green (Uncertain Nights)
Best Drama Scene
  • Kathy Stabbed (Alone)
  • Winnie & Kathy Walk Into The Clouds (Alone) - WINNER
  • Bradley Lets Emma Go (Back To The Start)
  • Emma Forgets Son Jack (Back To The Start)
  • Allinson's Heart To Heart With Layton (Crown Law)
  • Allinson Tells Wingfield She's Been Raped (Crown Law)
  • Evan's Suicide Attempt (Letters)
  • Sherri's Suicide (Letters)
  • Mack Finds Aaron Sleeping With Leanne (Lovers)
  • Danny's Sexual Assault (Lovers)
  • Hari Storms Into Church/Shoots Himself (Saints High)
  • Phil Burns To Death (Saints High)
Best Soap Scene
  • Josh & Robert Kiss (Pimlico)
  • Nicola & Jason Marry (Pimlico)
  • Carrie's Breakdown (These Days 1.0)
  • Steven & Ricki's Bittersweet Airport Goodbye (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • The Death Of Titus Evans (Uncertain Nights)
  • Jasmine Stabs Alan (Uncertain Nights)
  • Ella, William and Abi Face Anna's Truth (Willow Lake)
  • Karl & Tess End Their Marriage (Willow Lake)
  • Steven & Ricki's Bittersweet Airport Goodbye (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Jasmine stabs Alan (Uncertain Nights)
Best Drama Female
  • Jacqueline Whyment (Alone)
  • Winnie Maple (Alone)
  • Emma White (Back To The Start) - WINNER
  • Helen Allinson (Crown Law)
  • Wingfield (Crown Law)
  • Holly Green (Letters)
  • Sherri Jeffries (Letters)
  • Leanne Hughes (Lovers)
  • Susan Jenson (Lovers)
  • Francesca Thomas (Saints High)
  • Sara Longley (Saints High)
Best Drama Male
  • Harry Fiennes (Alone)
  • Thomas Precott (Alone)
  • Bradley White (Back To The Start) - WINNER
  • Hewitt (Crown Law)
  • Layton (Crown Law)
  • Evan West (Letters)
  • Harry Porter (Letters)
  • Aaron Jenson (Lovers)
  • Johnny Hughes (Lovers)
  • Jim Allinson (Saints High)
  • Paul Gallgher (Saints High)
Best Soap Female
  • June Carter (Pimlico)
  • Mani Motta (Pimlico)
  • Rosy Lyons (These Days 1.0)
  • Steph Donnelly (These Days 1.0)
  • Jasmine Powell (Uncertain Nights) - WINNER
  • Leah Richardson (Uncertain Nights)
  • Ella Holden (Willow Lake)
  • Tess Naylor (Willow Lake)
Best Soap Male
  • Josh Carter (Pimlico)
  • Robert Thompson (Pimlico)
  • Ben Warren (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Glen Wright (These Days 1.0)
  • Oscar Clark (Uncertain Nights)
  • Alan Powell (Uncertain Nights)
  • William Holden (Willow Lake)
  • Zac Warner (Willow Lake)
  • Ben Warren (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Glen Wright (These Days 1.0)
  • Alan Powell (Uncertain Nights)
Best Drama Plot
  • Harry Seeks His Family (Alone)
  • Kathy's Murder (Alone)
  • Emma's Alzheimers (Back To The Start) - WINNER
  • Allinson/Layton Rape Reveal/Shooting (Crown Law)
  • Thomas/Maurice Confrontation (Crown Law)
  • Sherri's Painful Life (Letters)
  • Danny's Sexual Assault (Lovers)
  • LV Gang Issue Leads To Phil's Death (Saints High)
  • Paul/Jim Stalker Storyline (Saints High)
  • Kathy's Murder (Alone)
  • Emma's Alzheimers (Back To The Start) - WINNER
  • Allinson/Layton Rape Reveal/Shooting (Crown Law)
Best Soap Plot
  • Frank's Murder (Pimlico)
  • Robert & Tom's Affair (Pimlico)
  • Holly's Baby - Who's The Daddy? (These Days 1.0)
  • Neil & Kelly's Miscarriage (These Days 1.0)
  • Oscar/Delilah Reveal (Uncertain Nights)
  • Alan & Jasmine Domestic Abuse (Uncertain Nights) - WINNER
  • Abi's Kidnapping (Willow Lake)
  • Callum Comes Out (Willow Lake)
  • Frank's Murder (Pimlico)
  • Neil & Kelly's Miscarriage (These Days 1.0)
  • Alan & Jasmine Domestic Abuse (Uncertain Nights) - WINNER
Best Drama Episode
  • Episode 1/6 (Alone)
  • Episode 6/6 (Alone) - WINNER
  • Episode 6: Birthday Wish (Back To The Start)
  • Episode 8: Forgotten Child (Back To The Start)
  • Episode 33: Triphammer (Crown Law)
  • Episode 42: Blood Part One (Crown Law)
  • Episode 5/5 (Letters)
  • Episode 4/5: Shame on Summer Street (Lovers)
  • Episode 5/5: Brewing Storms (Lovers)
  • Episode 16: Shoot The Messenger (Saints High)
  • Episode 26: Cat In The Cage (Saints High)
  • Episode 6/6 (Alone) - WINNER
  • Episode 8: Forgotten Child (Back To The Start)
Best Soap Episode
  • Episode 1: Fresh Starts (Pimlico)
  • Episode 18: Without A Hitch (Pimlico)
  • Episode 75: One Way Ticket (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Episode 100 (Uncertain Nights)
  • Episode 128 (Uncertain Nights)
  • Episode 10 (Willow Lake)
  • Episode 16 (Willow Lake)
Best New Project
  • Alone (Lem)
  • Back To The Start (Lem) - WINNER
  • Letters (Jaay)
  • Lovers (JoshClark)
  • Pimlico (JoshClark)
  • Willow Lake (Jaay)
Best Drama
  • Alone (Lem)
  • Back To The Start (Lem) - WINNER
  • Crown Law (allthingsuk)
  • Letters (Jaay)
  • Lovers (JoshClark)
  • Saints High (allthingsuk)
Best Soap
  • Pimlico (JoshClark)
  • These Days 1.0 (Noxy) - WINNER
  • Uncertain Nights (AppleCobbler/Jaay/Ross)
  • Willow Lake (Jaay)

WRIXAS League Table (as of August 2012)

Project Author/s Genre

Awards (WRIXAS 3 only)

Awards (TOTAL)
Alone Lem Drama 3 3
Back To The Start Lem Drama 5 5
Crown Law allthingsuk Drama 0 4
The Forest's allthingsuk Drama N/A 4
High Peak 1.0 MGambitt | Noxy Soap N/A 5
In Gear allthingsuk Drama N/A 1
Lem's Casualty Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Lem's Coronation Street Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Ocean Lane Jark Drama N/A 3
St. George's Ross Soap N/A 2
These Days 1.0 Noxy Soap 5 14
Uncertain Nights AppleCobbler | Jaay | Ross Soap 2 8

Forum Members League Table (as of August 2012)

Forum Member Awards (WRIXAS 3 only) Awards (TOTAL)
allthingsuk 0 9
AppleCobbler 2 8
Jaay 2 2
Jark N/A 3
Lem 8 10
MGambitt N/A 5
Noxy 5 19
Ross 2 10

Stats & Trivia

Once again there were 15 sub-categories, but only 2 categories - Drama and Soap - as no fan fiction was eligible. This was also the first time Soaps and Dramas were fully seperated into their own categories. There were 15 winners this time - four less than last time - as this was the first event not to have any shared awards. There were 124 options to choose from - a decrease of 57 on WRIXAS 2, and the first recorded drop. At this stage, the WRIXAS introduced visual promotion amd a formal, live awards ceremony for the first time.

As in previous ceremonies, some category modification was implemented. Soaps and Dramas were split into seperate awards, so 'Best Episode' became Best Drama Episode and Best Soap Episode, and 'Best Storyline' became Best Drama Plot and Best Soap Plot. Similar splits occurred with Best Project, Best Scene, Best Male and Best Female. The following categories were dropped altogether: Best Baddie, Best Friendship, Best Shock, Best Collaborative Project and Best Solo Project. Best Project would make a return in the future, but would work in a different way.

Two projects came out on top this time, picking up five awards apiece.

These Days 1.0 managed to return itself to the soap summit with collected five gongs:

  • Best Newcomer (Hannah Cartwright)
  • Best Soap Scene (Episode 75: Ricki & Steven's Bittersweet Airport Goodbye)
  • Best Soap Male (Ben Warren)
  • Best Soap Episode (Episode 75: One-Way Ticket)
  • Best Soap

This was the second consecutive time the project had won in Best Newcomer (Ben Warren won at WRIXAS 2), and the third consecutive time the show won the award (or equivalent) for Best Soap.

It was also a great night for forum member Lem, who won 53% of the night's awards with her two highly acclaimed drama projects. The most successful of those was Back To The Start - a family drama about Early Onset Alzheimer's (EOA) told antichronilogically - which picked up five accolades:

  • Best Drama Male (Bradley White)
  • Best Drama Female (Emma White)
  • Best Drama Plot (Emma's EOA)
  • Best New Project
  • Best Drama

Another Lem drama, Alone - about the impact of loneliness on vulnerable adults - also performed strongly with three award earned:

  • Best Exit (Winnie and Kathy)
  • Best Drama Scene (Winne and Kathy Walk Through The Glowing Clouds)
  • Best Drama Episode (Episode 6: Winnie's Final Day)

Impressively, this meant Lem won every single Drama award at WRIXAS 3.

Elsewhere, the only other winning project of the event was Uncertain Nights, which picked up two gongs:

  • Best Soap Female (Jasmine Powell)
  • Best Soap Plot (Alan & Jasmine's Domestic Abuse)

Only 4 projects won WRIXAS at this ceremony, down from 7 at the previous event. Despite winning four trophies last time and continued critical acclaim, legal drama Crown Law walked away empty-handed this time round. Also in spite of critical acclaim, high school drama Saints High was sans awards for the second time running.

The following projects - all new - also won no awards at this ceremony. There were 4 this time, compared to 10 last time:

  • Letters (unknown author)
  • Lovers (joshclark)
  • Pimlico (joshclark)
  • Willow Lake (Jaay)