WRIXAS 5 (AKA The Spring WRIXAS 2013) was the fifth Writers Express Awards ceremony, and the second of 2013. The results were revealed on 12th May 2013 (just under four months after WRIXAS 4), although the process had begun in April 2013. The event again included established projects such as The Avenue, Crown Law, Saints High, These Days 1.0 and Uncertain Nights, as well as new projects Diamond Days, Families, Park Close and Peaks & Troughs.

The most significant of these new projects was coastal soap High Hopes and crime drama Cold Blood, both of which went on to become popular and successful projects. Of these new projects, all were longlisted. For the first time, none of the new projects at WRIXAS 4 made it to this event. Beneath The Surface, Council and Willow Cove were all dropped. Crisis Point and No Surrender concluded but were not renewed, whilst Winds Of Change was a standalone drama series.


Below is a table featuring both nominated and winning projects and their respective categories. All winners are highlighted in bold:

Award Longlist Shortlist
Best Newcomer
  • Dylan Baker (The Avenue)
  • Saskia Baker (The Avenue)
  • Jake Garrison (City Girls)
  • Nicole Newman (City Girls)
  • Sabrina Patel (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Todd Chambers (These Days 1.0)
  • Beth Newton (Uncertain Nights)
  • Charlie Banks (Uncertain Nights)
  • Dylan Baker (The Avenue)
  • Sabrina Patel (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Todd Chambers (These Days 1.0)
Best Exit
  • Carla Westaway (The Avenue) - WINNER
  • Saul Roberts (The Avenue)
  • Hannah Barrett (Diamond Days)
  • Simon Roberts (Diamond Days)
  • Holly Evans (Park Close)
  • Holly Wainwright (These Days 1.0)
  • Aiden Matthews (Uncertain Nights)
  • Claire Spencer (Uncertain Nights)
  • Carla Westaway (The Avenue) - WINNER
  • Holly Wainwright (These Days 1.0)
Best Drama Male
  • Drew Tyler (City Girls)
  • Max Warren (City Girls) - WINNER/DRAW
  • DCI Samuel Woodward (Cold Blood) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Jude Mellor (Cold Blood)
  • Max Warren (City Girls) - WINNER/DRAW
  • DCI Samuel Woodward (Cold Blood) - WINNER/DRAW
Best Drama Female
  • Ashley Woods (City Girls)
  • Sammy Davis (City Girls)
  • Alexandra Mellor (Cold Blood)
  • India Mellor (Cold Blood) - WINNER
Best Drama Scene
  • Ashley & Sammy's Violent Confrontation (City Girls)
  • Izzie & Max's Break Up (City Girls)
  • Alexandra Visits India In Prison (Cold Blood) - WINNER
  • Alexandra & Jude Move Forward (Cold Blood)
Best Drama Plot
  • Nicole's Eating Disorder (City Girls)
  • Sammy's Abuse (City Girls)
  • Samuel Doubts His Future (Cold Blood)
  • The Jamie Mellor Murder Investigation (Cold Blood) - WINNER
  • Nicole's Eating Disorder (City Girls)
  • Sammy's Abuse (City Girls)
  • The Jamie Mellor Murder Investigation (Cold Blood) - WINNER
Best Drama Episode
  • 2.9.1: Imperfect Past Part I (City Girls)
  • 2.20: Settle For The One You Can Have (City Girls)
  • Episode 1/6 (Cold Blood)
  • Episode 6/6 (Cold Blood) - WINNER
  • 2.20: Settle For The One You Can Have (City Girls)
  • Episode 6/6 (Cold Blood) - WINNER
Best Drama
  • City Girls (Hannah)
  • Cold Blood (AppleCobbler) - WINNER
Best Soap Male
  • Dylan Baker (The Avenue) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Graham Anderson (The Avenue)
  • Dante Roberts (Diamond Days)
  • Seb Barnett (Diamond Days)
  • Brandon Marshall (Families)
  • Luke Marshall (Families)
  • Daniel Hastings (High Hopes)
  • Josh Connor (High Hopes) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Jamie Evans (Park Close)
  • Jason Sullivan (Park Close)
  • Henry Wright (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Lewis Clements (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Glen Wright (These Days 1.0)
  • Nat Wykin (These Days 1.0)
  • Charlie Banks (Uncertain Nights)
  • Oscar Clark (Uncertain Nights)
  • Dylan Baker (The Avenue) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Josh Connor (High Hopes) - WINNER/DRAW
  • Oscar Clark (Uncertain Nights)
Best Soap Female
  • Georgia Seaby (The Avenue) - WINNER
  • Leyla Westaway (The Avenue)
  • Kay Priestley (Diamond Days)
  • Rachel Holloway (Diamond Days)
  • Carrie Marshall (Families)
  • Lara Angelo (Families)
  • Olivia Kane (High Hopes)
  • Siobhan Spencer (High Hopes)
  • Daisy Evans (Park Close)
  • Libby Evans (Park Close)
  • Freya Aiken (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Grace Clements (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Holly Wainwright (These Days 1.0)
  • Lisa Hopkins (These Days 1.0)
  • Cass Franklin (Uncertain Nights)
  • Nancy Evans (Uncertain Nights)
  • Georgia Seaby (The Avenue) - WINNER
  • Lisa Hopkins (These Days 1.0)
Best Soap Scene
  • Saskia's Camp Entrance (The Avenue)
  • Georgia Gives Birth (The Avenue)
  • Nightclub Floor Collapse (Diamond Days)
  • Simon Stalks/Attacks Heather (Diamond Days)
  • Brandon's Bullying Comes To A Head (Families)
  • Carrie's Secret Revealed (Families)
  • Daniel's Decision To Save Lindsay's Life (High Hopes)
  • The Truth About The Donovans (High Hopes)
  • Jason Attacks Jake/Kills Holly (Park Close)
  • Nick's Breakdown/Collapse (Park Close)
  • Henry's Arrest (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Lewis' Eulogy (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Spike Attacked (These Days 1.0)
  • Holly's Death (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Oscar's Cancer News (Uncertain Nights)
  • Beth and Leah's Confrontation (Uncertain Nights)
  • Spike Attacked (These Days 1.0)
  • Holly's Death (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
Best Soap Plot
  • Holly's Meningitis (The Avenue)
  • Saskia & Dylan's Tragic Past (The Avenue)
  • Dante/Gina/Simon Abuse Story (Diamond Days)
  • Nightclub Disaster (Diamond Days)
  • Brandon's Obesity (Families)
  • Carrie's Secret (Families)
  • Siege Aftermath (High Hopes)
  • Siobhan's PTSD (High Hopes)
  • Holly's Murder (Park Close)
  • Tyler's Bullying Ordeal (Park Close)
  • Chloe's Rape Accusation (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Isaac's Death Aftermath (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Spikegate (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Todd & Rebecca Domestic Abuse (These Days 1.0)
  • Beth/Leah Maternity (Uncertain Nights)
  • Billie/Cass Baby Dilemma (Uncertain Nights)
Best Soap Episode
  • Comic Relief Special (The Avenue)
  • Episode 73: Torla Affair Reveal (The Avenue)
  • Ep18: Hannah's Funeral (Diamond Days)
  • Ep28: Dante/Rachel's non-Wedding (Diamond Days)
  • Ep1: A Typical Monday Morning (Families)
  • Ep4: Back To The Forefront (Families)
  • 1x06 'This Isn't A Choice' (High Hopes)
  • 1x14 'You're A Walking Cliche' (High Hopes)
  • Ep1: Jason Kills Holly (Park Close)
  • Ep19: Nick's Breakdown (Park Close)
  • Ep1 (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Ep7 (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Ep128: Nat's Revenge (These Days 1.0)
  • Ep131: Holly's Death (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Ep197: Jethan's Wedding (Uncertain Nights)
  • Ep200: Brenda's Return (Uncertain Nights)
Best New Soap
  • Diamond Days (Walfman)
  • Families (Caller)
  • High Hopes (Hannah) - WINNER
  • Park Close (daniel1992)
  • Peaks & Troughs (AppleCobbler)
  • High Hopes (Hannah) - WINNER
  • Park Close (daniel1992)
  • Peaks & Troughs (AppleCobbler)
Best Soap
  • The Avenue (Lem/Ross)
  • Diamond Days (Walfman)
  • Families (Caller)
  • High Hopes (Hannah)
  • Park Close (Daniel)
  • Peaks & Troughs (AppleCobbler)
  • These Days 1.0 (Noxy) - WINNER
  • Uncertain Nights (AppleCobbler/Noxy/Ross)

WRIXAS League Table (as of May 2013)

Project Author/s Genre

Awards (WRIXAS 5 only)

Awards (TOTAL)
Alone Lem Drama N/A 3
The Avenue Lem/Ross Soap 3 3
Back To The Start Lem Drama N/A 5
Beneath The Surface Jamie/Ross Soap N/A 1
City Girls Hannah Drama 1 8
Cold Blood AppleCobbler Drama 6 6
Crown Law allthingsuk Drama 0 4
The Forest's allthingsuk Drama N/A 4
High Hopes Hannah Soap 2 2
High Peak 1.0 MGambitt | Noxy Soap N/A 5
In Gear allthingsuk Drama N/A 1
Lem's Casualty Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Lem's Coronation Street Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Ocean Lane Jark Drama N/A 3
Saints High allthingsuk Drama 0 1
St. George's Ross Soap N/A 2
These Days 1.0 Noxy Soap 5 26
Uncertain Nights AppleCobbler | Noxy | Ross Soap 0 13

Forum Members League Table (as of May 2013)

Forum Member Awards (WRIXAS 5 only) Awards (TOTAL)
allthingsuk 0 10
AppleCobbler 6 19
Hannah 3 10
Jaay 0 2
Jamie 0 1
Jark N/A 3
Lem 3 13
MGambitt N/A 5
Noxy 5 36
Ross 3 19

Stats & Trivia

This time there were 15 sub-categories, down five from WRIXAS 4. There were two in the Crossover category, 6 in Drama and 7 in Soap. There were 17 winners this time - five less than last time - with two shared awards (as was the case at WRIXAS 4). There were 131 options to choose from - a decrease of 36 on WRIXAS 4.

As in previous ceremonies, some category modification was implemented. Best Christmas Episode and Best New Year Episode were not included for obvious reasons, whilst the Best Family sub-category was dropped, but would return in a new form in the future. There was no Best New Drama sub-category as only one new drama was published in the eligibility period (Cold Blood). WRIXAS 5 was the first to adopt the now traditional 'Best Male/Female/Scene/Plot/Episode' format.

The big success story of the event was new crime drama Cold Blood, which won all six WRIXAS in the Drama category, the first drama project ever to do so. Its awards were for:

  • Best Drama Male (DCI Samuel Woodward)
  • Best Drama Female (India Mellor)
  • Best Drama Scene (Alexandra Visits India In Prison)
  • Best Drama Plot (The Jamie Mellor Murder Investigation)
  • Best Drama Episode (Episode 6/6)
  • Best Drama

These Days 1.0 put in another strong performance for the soaps, adding another five awards to its trophy cabinet. These were for:

  • Best Newcomer (Sabrina Patel)
  • Best Soap Scene (Episode 131: Holly's Death)
  • Best Soap Plot (Spikegate)
  • Best Soap Episode (Episode 131)
  • Best Soap

The project put up a tenacious fight this time, winning three of its five awards on Longlist votes alone. This was the third consecutive time the project had won for Best Soap, and Best Soap Scene (Rachel Hornby's Death at WRIXAS 4), and the latest of several occasions it has won Best Newcomer. It was the fourth time the show had won Best Soap Episode (Episode 100 at WRIXAS 4).

After a long wait, London sudbuster The Avenue made quite the breakthrough with three trophies finally adorning its mantlepiece. These were for:

  • Best Exit (Carla Westaway)
  • Best Soap Male (Dylan Baker)
  • Best Soap Female (Georgia Seaby)

New soap High Hopes got off to a good start with two WRIXAS, for Best Soap Male (Josh Connor) and Best New Soap.

The only other winner of the night was drama series City Girls, which picked a gong for Best Drama Male (Max Warren). This was the second consecutive time it had won this award, and with the same character. To date, this is the only occurence of this in the Drama category.

Five projects won WRIXAS at this ceremony, the same as at the previous event.

There was a shock at WRIXAS 5 though: Uncertain Nights - which at WRIXAS 4 had won five awards including 'Best Soap' - this time walked away empty-handed.

The following projects also won no awards at this ceremony. There were 5 this time, compared to 6 last time:

  • Crown Law (allthingsuk)
  • Diamond Days (Danny)
  • Families (Caller)
  • Park Close (daniel1992)
  • Peaks & Troughs (AppleCobbler)
  • Saints High (allthingsuk)