WRIXAS 6 (AKA The Summer 2013 WRIXAS) was the sixth Writers Express Awards ceremony, and the third and final one of 2013. The results were revealed on 8th September 2013 (just under five months after WRIXAS 5), although the process had begun in August 2013. The event again included established projects such as The Avenue, City Girls, High Hopes, Park Close, Peaks & Troughs, These Days 1.0 and Uncertain Nights. Unususally, there was only one new project - the crime thriller series Cross My Heart, Hope To Die - but it was to prove a success.

Several projects disappeared during this era; Crown Law and Saints High were discontinued, whilst Diamond Days and Families were also dropped.

WRIXAS 6 was also to be the last time the WRIXAS were held thrice a year.


Below is a table featuring both nominated and winning projects and their respective categories. All winners are highlighted in bold:

Award Longlist Shortlist
Best Cameo, Newcomer or Returnee
  • Diane Brannigan (The Avenue)
  • Esme Brannigan (The Avenue)
  • Nathan Phillips (City Girls)
  • Imogen Sandford (High Hopes)
  • Kyle Campbell (High Hopes)
  • Chris Barnes (Park Close)
  • Roy Turner (Park Close)
  • Abby Barnes (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Raj Chopra (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Joyce Warren (These Days 1.0)
  • Rosy Lyons (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Abbie Renshaw (Uncertain Nights)
  • Delilah Pearce (Uncertain Nights)
  • Roy Turner (Park Close)
  • Rosy Lyons (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
Best Exit
  • Arthur Brannigan (The Avenue)
  • Thomas Wilkins & Katya Glukhov (The Avenue)
  • Drew Tyler (City Girls)
  • Sammy Davis (City Girls)
  • Stacey Turner (Park Close) - WINNER
  • Freya Aiken (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Darryl & Alice (Uncertain Nights)
  • Tanya & Duncan Thorne (Uncertain Nights)
  • Drew Tyler (City Girls)
  • Stacey Turner (Park Close) - WINNER
Best Big Week
  • The Avenue: Season 2 Finale Week - WINNER
  • The Avenue: Sun, Sea & Sand
  • City Girls: A Step Back in Time
  • City Girls: 5 Nighter
  • Peaks & Troughs: Justice Week
  • Peaks & Troughs: Trial Week
  • These Days 1.0: Anniversary Week
  • Uncertain Nights: Redlakegate Week
  • Uncertain Nights: Season 2 Finale Week
  • The Avenue: Season 2 Finale Week - WINNER
  • These Days 1.0: Anniversary Week
Best Drama Male
  • Drew Tyler (City Girls)
  • Max Warren (City Girls) - WINNER
  • Chris Rickman (CMHHTD)
  • Zack Keating (CMHHTD)
  • Drew Tyler (City Girls)
  • Max Warren (City Girls) - WINNER
Best Drama Female
  • Nicole Newman (City Girls)
  • Sammy Davis (City Girls) - WINNER
  • Lauren Saunders (CMHHTD)
  • Samantha Richardson (CMHHTD)
Best Drama Scene
  • Holly Jilts Tom At The Altar (City Girls) - WINNER
  • Nicole Sectioned (City Girls)
  • Martin Kills Chloe (CMHHTD)
  • Samantha Breaks Down (CMHHTD)
  • Holly Jilts Tom At The Altar (City Girls) - WINNER
  • Martin Kills Chloe (CMHHTD)
Best Drama Plot
  • Nicole's Eating Disorder (City Girls)
  • Who Killed Drew? (City Girls)
  • The Chloe Richardson Murder Investigation (CMHHTD) - WINNER
Best Drama Episode
  • 3.8: Drifting On The Edge (City Girls) - WINNER
  • 3.13: It Starts With Goodbye (City Girls)
  • 1x01: (CMHHTD)
  • 1x05: (CMHHTD)
  • 3.8: Drifting On The Edge (City Girls) - WINNER
  • 1x05: (CMHHTD)
Best Drama
  • City Girls (Hannah) - WINNER
  • Cross My Heart, Hope To Die (Hannah)
Best Soap Family
  • The Brannigans - Arthur, Linda, Martha, Michael, Ruby & Yasmin (The Avenue) - WINNER
  • The Glukhovs - Aleks, Herbert, Jacques, Katya & Maria (The Avenue)
  • The Donovans - Ava, Cole, Megan, Naomi, Noah & Olivia (High Hopes)
  • The Faraday/Hastings - Daniel, Duncan, Lindsay, Megan, Mia, Sophia & Steven (High Hopes)
  • The Evans - Daisy, Jake, Jamie, Libby & May (Park Close)
  • The Wilsons - Casey, Kyle, Sam, Sarah, Simon, Tyler & Zoe (Park Close)
  • The Chopras - Ayesha, Manjeet & Raj (Peaks & Troughs)
  • The Smiths - Brendan, Florence, Frank & Zoe (Peaks & Troughs)
  • The Donnellys - Carrie, Maxine, Noah, Phil & Steph (These Days 1.0)
  • The Leading Family - Danielle, Glen, Liam & Lisa (These Days 1.0)
  • The Franklins - Cass, Billie, Joel, Darryl, Amber, Ash & Charlotte (Uncertain Nights)
  • The Newton/Richardsons - Malcolm, Brenda, Beth & Leah (Uncertain Nights)
Best Soap Male
  • Arthur Brannigan (The Avenue)
  • Graham Anderson (The Avenue) - WINNER
  • David Fields (High Hopes)
  • Josh Connor (High Hopes)
  • Jamie Evans (Park Close)
  • Jonny Swallow (Park Close)
  • Bert Roberts (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Raj Chopra (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Glen Wright (These Days 1.0)
  • Steven Cowell (These Days 1.0)
  • Charlie Banks (Uncertain Nights)
  • Joel Franklin (Uncertain Nights)
  • Arthur Brannigan (The Avenue)
  • Graham Anderson (The Avenue) - WINNER
  • Jonny Swallow (Park Close)
  • Glen Wright (These Days 1.0)
  • Steven Cowell (These Days 1.0)
Best Soap Female
  • Georgia Anderson (The Avenue)
  • Izzie Carwell (The Avenue)
  • Lindsay Hastings (High Hopes)
  • Michelle Fox (High Hopes)
  • Danielle Swallow (Park Close)
  • Libby Evans (Park Close)
  • Chloe Bates (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Lorraine Wright (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Lisa Hopkins (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Steph Donnelly (These Days 1.0)
  • Jasmine Clark (Uncertain Nights)
  • Kim Fletcher (Uncertain Nights)
Best Soap Scene
  • The Cafe Explosion (The Avenue)
  • Herbert's Death & Aleks' Arrest (The Avenue)
  • Finale Montage (High Hopes)
  • Noah & Megan Marry (High Hopes)
  • Jason Kills Stacey (Park Close) - WINNER
  • Jonny Confronts Lee & Danielle (Park Close)
  • Bert's Rape Threat (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Raj's Revelation (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Rebecca Confronts Liz (These Days 1.0)
  • Ricki's Return (These Days 1.0)
  • Dalice's Airport Goodbye (Uncertain Nights)
  • Redlake Collapse (Uncertain Nights)
  • The Cafe Explosion (The Avenue)
  • Jason Kills Stacey (Park Close) - WINNER
Best Soap Plot
  • Arthur's Bowel Cancer (The Avenue)
  • The Cafe Fire (The Avenue)
  • Anthony's Sexuality Struggle (High Hopes)
  • The Siege Aftermath Continuation (High Hopes)
  • The Evans Family Break Down (Park Close)
  • Stacey's Murder (Park Close) - WINNER
  • Bert's Downfall (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Henry's Trial & Aftermath (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Ricki/Steven/Hannah Triangle (These Days 1.0)
  • Steph/Carrie Maternity (These Days 1.0)
  • Kitgate (Uncertain Nights)
  • Redlake Collapse (Uncertain Nights)
  • Arthur's Bowel Cancer (The Avenue)
  • Stacey's Murder (Park Close) - WINNER
  • Redlake Collapse (Uncertain Nights)
Best Soap Episode
  • Ep90: Brannigan Special (The Avenue)
  • Ep99: The Cafe Fire (The Avenue)
  • 1x20: Season Finale (High Hopes)
  • 2x01: Season Opener (High Hopes)
  • Ep26: Scripted (Park Close)
  • Ep32: Scripted (Park Close)
  • Ep26 (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Ep35 (Peaks & Troughs)
  • Ep138: Holly's Funeral (These Days 1.0)
  • Ep144: Scripted (These Days 1.0) - WINNER
  • Ep225: Redlake Collapse (Uncertain Nights)
  • Ep245: Charlie's Hit & Run (Uncertain Nights)
Best Soap
  • The Avenue (Lem/Ross)
  • High Hopes (Hannah)
  • Park Close (Daniel)
  • Peaks & Troughs (AppleCobbler)
  • These Days 1.0 (Noxy) - WINNER
  • Uncertain Nights (AppleCobbler/Noxy/Ross)
  • The Avenue (Lem/Ross)
  • Park Close (Daniel)
  • These Days 1.0 (Noxy) - WINNER

WRIXAS League Table (as of September 2013)

Project Author/s Genre

Awards (WRIXAS 6 only)

Awards (TOTAL)
Alone Lem Drama N/A 3
The Avenue Lem/Ross Soap 3 6
Back To The Start Lem Drama N/A 5
Beneath The Surface Jamie/Ross Soap N/A 1
City Girls Hannah Drama 5 13
Cold Blood AppleCobbler Drama N/A 6
Cross My Heart, Hope To Die Hannah Drama 1 1
Crown Law allthingsuk Drama N/A 4
The Forest's allthingsuk Drama N/A 4
High Hopes Hannah Soap 0 2
High Peak 1.0 MGambitt | Noxy Soap N/A 5
In Gear allthingsuk Drama N/A 1
Lem's Casualty Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Lem's Coronation Street Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Ocean Lane Jark Drama N/A 3
Saints High allthingsuk Drama N/A 1
St. George's Ross Soap N/A 2
These Days 1.0 Noxy Soap 4 30
Uncertain Nights AppleCobbler | Noxy | Ross Soap 0 13

Forum Members League Table (as of September 2013)

Forum Member Awards (WRIXAS 6 only) Awards (TOTAL)
allthingsuk N/A 10
AppleCobbler 0 19
Hannah 6 16
Jaay 0 2
Jamie 0 1
Jark N/A 3
Lem 3 16
MGambitt N/A 5
Noxy 4 40
Ross 3 22

Stats & Trivia

This time there were 16 sub-categories, up one from WRIXAS 5. There were three in the Crossover category, 6 in Drama and 7 in Soap. There were 16 winners this time - one less than last time - with no shared awards (compared with two at WRIXAS 5). There were 129 options to choose from - a decrease of two on WRIXAS 5.

As in previous ceremonies, some category modification was implemented. Best Soap Family, Best Camero/Newcomer/Returnee (replacing 'Best Newcomer') and Best Big Week were added, the latter to reflect a spate of 'event weeks', where several episodes were published in one week as part of a period of big storylines. Best New Drama was again absent, as again only one new (drama) project was published in this era.

The big success story of the event was long-running romantic drama City Girls, which recovered strongly from its quiet performance at WRIXAS 5 by scooping five awards in the Drama category. These were for:

  • Best Drama Male (Max Warren)
  • Best Drama Female (Sammy Davis)
  • Best Drama Scene (Holly Jilts Tom At The Altar)
  • Best Drama Episode (Episode 3.8)
  • Best Drama

This was the second time it had won 'Best Drama' and 'Best Drama Episode', and also the second time it had won 'Best Drama Male' (and on both occasions, this was Max Warren).

These Days 1.0 put in another strong performance for the soaps, adding another four awards to its trophy cabinet. These were for:

  • Best Returnee (Rosy Lyons)
  • Best Soap Female (Lisa Hopkins)
  • Best Soap Episode (Episode 144)
  • Best Soap

The project once again won in the Best Cameo/Newcomer/Returnee sub-category (or equivalent), with Lisa Hopkins named 'Best Soap Female' for the second time, having originally won at WRIXAS 1. Episode 144 was the first time a fully scripted installment was produced - and the project was rewarded with a 'Best Episode' WRIXA for its efforts; whilst the show was again declared 'Best Soap' (or equivalent) for the fourth consecutive time.

Meanwhile, The Avenue managed to retain the momentum from last time by scoring another three gongs. These were for:

  • Best Soap Family (The Brannigans)
  • Best Big Week (Season 2 Finale Week)
  • Best Soap Male (Graham Anderson)

This was the second consecutive time the show had won in 'Best Soap Male'.

After walking away empty handed last time, Park Close made its mark by also picking up three awards, all of which related to a then popular storyline:

  • Best Exit (Stacey Turner)
  • Best Soap Scene (Jason Kills Stacey)
  • Best Soap Plot (Stacey's Murder)

The only other winner of the night was Hannah's well-received crime thriller drama series Cross My Heart, Hope To Die, which bagged a trophy for 'Best Drama Plot' (The Sophie RIchardson Murder Investigation). It struggled to compete with a very pouplar series of City Girls, but either way Hannah owned the Drama cateogry by winning all six awards with her two projects, the second forum member to achieve this (after Lem with 'Alone' and 'Back To The Start' at WRIXAS 3).

Five projects won WRIXAS at this ceremony, the same as at the previous two events.

There were still some surprises though; in spite of its most high profile storyline yet with 'The Redlake Disaster', Uncertain Nights again walked away with no trophies for the cabinet. High Hopes too left empy handed, despite winning two awards at its debut outing at WRIXAS 5.

Peaks & Troughs  was the only other project to win no awards at this ceremony. There were 3 this time, compared to 5 last time.