WX FORUM BRANDING (August '14) - WX News logo
WX News
, or Writers Express News, was a limited national and international news service published on the Writers Express forum from 17th July 2014. The sevice had previously run for a short time in 2013.

WX News was a limited service, published on weekdays only - except when exceptional breaking news stories occured at the weekend. It was also not a rolling news service; rather it was aimed at the casual news follower looking for a concise but informative round-up of a particular news story. The stories covered tended to be ones which were likely to run mid-term to long-term, rather than stories likely to peter out in just a day or two. The service's first major stories were the MH17 plane crash in Ukraine, and the Israel/Gaza troubles concerning 'Operation: Protective Edge' and its transition from an air offensive to a ground offensive.

Stories were divided into threads, each of which have relevant taglines such as 'Malaysia Plane Crash' or 'Scottish Referendum 2014'.

As with many news services, the language used in WX News articles tended to be neutral,without bias or sensationalism, and balanced. However, the style of language used in non-news articles, such as blogs, was entirely at the discretion of their writer/s.

Despite a few trial runs, the service was not popular and was abandoned.